Floyd Thursby – Library at the Dock, Docklands. 25/10/15

Amongst titles; Fury’s Kiss and Love and Other Diseases, in a 3 piece suit and trilby, reminiscent of a 1940’s Sam Spade, on a hot Spring day, is a man, and his guitar. That is all. Although at first glance it seems an odd fit, he begins, and effortlessly starts to weave his stories through song. As I listen, I forget the noise and chatter of the library cafe and the poetry comes to life.

Unlike many singer songwriters locked into a particular sound or style, Floyd’s songs cross styles and genres. From the gentle folky, and my favourite, ‘In Your Hands’, to the truckin’ country beat of ‘Eight Days’ or the Cab Callowayesque ‘Bag of Knives’, the songs have one thing in common: subtle, emotion-charged, thoughtful, often humorous lyrics. Lyrics that are guaranteed to provoke a response in the listener.

Floyd quickly establishes a rapport with the audience and the next hour doesn’t disappoint, giving us a mix of songs old and new, and the stories behind those songs. Tales of tarot, weddings, lost love and even finding a bag of knives in a tree, these backstories further bring the lyrics to life. Being a library cafe, not an easy gig space, the audience ranges from very young to old, but even the pre-schooler at the next table is listening intently. Too soon the audience is clapping and I am brought back with a jolt as the musical journey has come to an end.

I smile and think, play it again, Floyd!








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