The Basics – Tinder Knight 2, 2/1/16

When I said I was starting 2016 with a Tinder night, I think it was assumed I was going to a slightly different “love in” than was the Northcote Social club. However, 2016 for me, did begin with a smile and a definite swipe to the right!

Thanks to Wally coming home for Christmas, the indefinite hiatus announced at their Melbourne Cup Eve gig, temporarily modified to an intermission of sorts, with The Basics together again for the one-off Tinder Knight 2. This “love in” was the guys stripped back, in the round, with the just over 200 sold out audience, stretched out on the floor around them. Tim and Kris acoustic and Wally swapping drums for a Wurlitzer.

What has this to do with Tinder you ask? A gig with some sort of dating twist perhaps? Not such a bad idea! However, simply, the original Tinder Knight began as a word of mouth secret gig on a Tuesday night last February. The name evolved because the band figured Tuesday nights were slow nights so everyone was probably at home on Tinder. Not everyone, guys! The name is now recognised by Basics followers as a night of covers, their own tracks and audience requests, if copies of the sheet music or at least chords are brought along. Kris had requested everyone sit on the floor as the last Tinder Knight went for 3hrs. At first we thought this would detract from the performance, even though I was basically beside Wally’s chair, but it was perfect and allowed the music to just happen.

Admitting there was no set list, they began, and immediately I was smiling when I heard Wally’s gentle vocal and the unmistakable opening chords of my absolute best loved Beatles track, In My Life. The room instantly fell silent and already I knew, that this night was going to exceed any expectations. Next, was the up tempo Beatles version of Ain’t She Sweet. Then, what followed was a mixture of Basics tracks, covers and audience requests. The musicianship of the group was evident as the next two and bit hours was an eclectic mix of songs that crossed nearly all genres interspersed with the usual Basics humour, story telling and good-natured banter that kept me smiling until my cheeks hurt.

The two sets had a laid back feel with songs sometimes being chosen because someone had shouted out a name. This happened when a shout out “George Michael” resulted in a lively fun version of Faith. The Beatles featured again with Wally and Kris nailing two of my other favourite tracks; Golden Slumbers and If I Fell. The consensus being, oh not Ringo, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass was also sung. Being seated, we clapped along to The Everly Brothers’ Wake Up Little Susie and sang along to All I Have To Do Is Dream. We stamped our feet when they rocked out Rebel Rebel and as a tribute to Stevie Wright, I’ll Make You Happy, which many knew from their Rockwiz performance.

Other highlights were the underrated Real Men, (Joe Jackson), and the surprising Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, (Crash Test Dummies). I felt a momentary rush of patriotism during one of the best versions of Eric Bogle’s The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, I’ve heard and Tim had me captivated when he swapped his guitar for keys and quietly performed a beautiful rendition of Neil Young’s Birds. But it was Wally’s haunting vocal on Songbird, that held the room once more.

Whilst not as many brought music as I had expected, we were treated to audience requests; Sister Madly and I Got You. And despite Tim protesting having to play The Eagles, Lyin Eyes was successfully requested. Some of their own songs were also in the mix, including two that I love and haven’t heard live for a while being Memory Lane and Home Again.

But the two most memorable moments of the night were Tim on keys for Hey Rain, with an extra made up on the spot verse about cane toads due to the frog in Wally’s throat, which had us in stitches, and the requested I Walk The Line which somehow ended up a Johnny Cash/Cookie Monster mash up.

Final song of the night was an as usual brilliant version of Comfortably Numb and the band as always, seemed to reluctantly exit.

Kris and Wally stayed chatting to the crowd during the break between sets and I did mention to Kris that not all musicians can play on request with no rehearsal, as I was once again reminded that these guys seem to be able to effortlessly play anything.

His response was simply, “it’s just chords”…….. and I guess it is!


Wally De Backer


Wally De Backer


Tim Heath


Kris Schroeder


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